Corporate Profile

The services and products of the NGB are stated in the Act as follows:
  • Oversight of gambling in the Republic of South Africa by:
  • Evaluating the issuing of national licences by the PLAs;
  • Evaluating the compliance monitoring of licensees by PLAs;
  • Conducting oversight evaluation of the performance of provincial licensing authorities so as to ensure that the national norms and standards established by the Act are applied uniformly and consistently throughout the Republic; and
  • Research and monitoring of market conduct and market share.
  • Assist PLAs to ensure that the unlicensed gambling activities are detected.
  • The NGB must also establish and maintain a national registry of every gambling machine or gambling device manufactured within or imported in to the Republic, as well as maintaining all other legislator prescribed registers;
  • Assign a permanent and unique registration number for each machine or device; and
  • The NGB must investigate the circumstances of the gambling activity that relates to any unlawful winnings that the NGB had held in trust and either delivers the winnings to the person who won them or apply to the High Court for an order to declare the winnings to be forfeited to the State.

Gambling helpline:
0800 006 008