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NGB Programmes/Projects

NGB projects for the next five years

To fulfill its mandate, the NGB will deliver on performance outcomes through the strategic objectives outlined hereunder.

Harmonization in a dynamic legislative environment

  • Consult on, review, and update the national norms and standards and drive legislation by Parliament through the Department of Trade and Industry;
  • Align national and Provincial gambling legislation to achieve harmonization;
  • Provide and industry-specific framework to meet the B-BBEE guidelines for the various sectors to meet the 2015 Level 2 target (through guiding the Provincial Boards);
  • Develop national criteria for Limited Payout Machines in consultation with the provinces;
  • Review current national policy on Bingo to consider Electronic Bingo;
  • Review and update the Interactive Gambling draft policy framework and legislation;
  • Develop a legislative framework for the Racing and for the Betting industry sectors.

Compliance oversight of the Provincial Gambling Boards and the Gambling Industry in general

  • Develop a comprehensive Compliance Monitoring System for effective and integrated oversight;
  • Exercise oversight in line with the norms and standards framework and utilising the Compliance Monitoring system;
  • Suppress illegal gambling in collaboration with relevant stakeholders and state agencies;
  • Evaluate issuance of national licenses;
  • Monitor compliance to the Anti Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism legislation;
  • Monitor compliance to all registers stipulated by legislation;

Integrated Strategic Information Portal

The overall intension of collating information is to leverage such a resource to inform research initiatives (provincially and nationally) and to direct the National Responsible Gambling Programme, a key deliverable of the NGB and to provide scientific insight for key decision-making.

  • Integrate select information from the national registers with research and other statistic and operational information into an Information Dashboard;
  • Develop a comprehensive Communications and Research Strategy to guide the work of the National Responsible Gambling Programme;
  • Analyse the research findings meaningfully to inform new areas for research, including information in the dashboard and to provide internal and external

Leadership on the debate concerning the new forms of gambling

  • Assess current and future trends in the gambling industry;
  • Invest in scenario planning based on anticipated/ (unknown) future gambling trends. Use the international conference and course attendance (physical and virtual) to inform scenario topics and themes;
  • Proactively use acquired knowledge to build skills in the country’s gambling industry;
  • Effectively use the Gambling Regulators Africa Forum (GRAF) and International Association of Gambling Regulators (IAGRA), amongst others, to pursue the NEPAD agenda as the country and the region by participating in laws, policies and standards of the region.
  • Build institutional capacity in the gaming industry;
  • Strengthen collaboration with African states to fight corruption and money laundering in the region.
  • Constantly assess and continuously evaluate sector enquiries and ensure periodical public hearings are used to provide advisory services to the Minister.

Optimise organisational excellence

  • The interconnectedness of work flow, processes, skills and systems needs focused attention on the NGB to attain its objectives. The outlined outcomes enjoin the NGB to pay attention to both soft and hard skills.
  • Develop and maintain efficient business processes;
  • Develop a Master Systems Plan aligned to the Strategic Plan;
  • Build a reliable and uninterrupted Information Communications Technology Infrastructure;
  • Optimize organizational capability – processes, systems, skills & competencies, knowledge and working environment;
  • Identify critical support and expertise within the Board members to support the strategic objectives of the organisation;
  • Develop an integrated internal and external Communications Framework, content and delivery system to effectively meet the needs of all stakeholders.
  • To profile the NGB as the first port of call for national gambling information and statistics.

Gambling helpline:
0800 006 008